ALTRATEC CEOs cheer for BACHTEL Schwingers

ALTRATEC CEOs cheer for BACHTEL Schwingers

Photos: Kanya AG

On Saturday, 25 August 25,2018, an impressive competition took place in the Zurich Oberland: the so-called Bachtel Schwinget.

Swingen (to swing) is a popular Swiss variant of freestyle wrestling. It is considered a “national sport” in Switzerland. The traditional competition is carried out on a circular area covered with sawdust and lasts for several rounds. 28 athletes competed in this year’s tournament on the mountain Bachtel. Cheered by hundreds of visitors, including the ALTRATEC managing directors Clemens Ruckstuhl and Matthias Linke, Daniel Bösch finally prevailed over his fellow wrestlers and took home the main prize – a cow. The BACHTEL Group, which in addition to Altratec Automation GmbH includes Kanya AG and Merwag Gibswil AG, supported the regional competition and once again underlined its traditional values.

Video Bachtelschwingen:

Picture 1: Winner Daniel Bösch with his prize and BACHTEL Group CEOs Clemens Ruckstuhl and André Müller.

Picture 2: Came to cheer for the wrestlers: Patrik Müller (CEO Kanya AG), Clemens Ruckstuhl (CEO Bachtel Group), Matthias Linke (CEO Altratec Automation GmbH), René Lutz (CEO Merwag Gibswil AG), André Müller (CEO Bachtel Group).

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