ALTRATEC develops conveyor system for heavy loads

Convey up to 1.5 tons flexibly and quickly

Heavy load roller conveyor

With a roller conveyor specially designed for very heavy loads, ALTRATEC Automation GmbH has expanded its product range to include a new series conveyor.

The system moves pallets and containers of almost any shape and dimension, as well as weights of up to 1,500 kg. The technical function is based on the conventional requirements of the logistics industry, but also meets the much higher demands of the automotive industry. The conveyor specialist is, thus, reacting to the increasingly complex demands of the industry with regard to working loads.

This conveyor technology is currently in great demand in the areas of logistics and automotive, especially in the field of e-mobility.

In order to also realize high conveying speeds (12m/min) for the transport of the heavy containers, low-maintenance and low-noise toothed belt drives are used. Individual rollers can easily be exchanged if necessary. The new heavy-load conveyor also has an extremely robust and compact design, which ensures a long lifetime and, thus, efficient operation.

The first system based on this concept is scheduled to go into operation at the plant of a major automobile manufacturer in its logistics and material storage area at the end of 2020.

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