ALTRATEC supports athletes of the WSV Grüna

ALTRATEC supports athletes of the WSV Grüna

Ski jumping Predazzo
Photo: ALTRATEC, S. Kropp

ALTRATEC Automation GmbH has always supported regional sports. Especially the junior athletes are of key importance to us and it means a lot to accompany and promote them for many years.

Since September 2019, ALTRATEC is now official partner of the winter sports club Grüna e.V., short WSV – the award-winning Saxon junior base for ski jumping and Nordic combined. It is important for ALTRATEC to work closely with the club and the athletes as part of this sponsorship. Therefore, ALTRATEC and its staff will also attend a number of ski jumping events and support the jump team.

The first opportunity arose last week, when three jumpers of the WSV Grüna started at the “International Master Championships” in Predazzo, Italy. With more than 80 jumpers from 15 nations we are more than proud of the results of our jumpers: two runner-up titles and strong 3rd, 4th and 5th places, as well as 4th place in the team competition. Congratulations!

ALTRATEC will also be present at the annual night ski jumping competition, which takes place on 21 September at the Grünaer home hill, to cheer on the jumpers of WSV.

More information about WSV Grüna can be found on their homepage.

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