Partial automation of fuel cell production

ALTRATEC supplies technology for the partial automation of fuel cell production


Hydrogen cars are talked about as a major alternative to electric cars with battery. The relevance of the topic was also clearly pronounced at this year’s AUTOMOTIVE TESTING EXPO in Stuttgart.

Fuel cell cars drive clean and without emission of CO2 or pollutants. Unlike conventional electric cars, fuel cell-powered vehicles have a significantly longer range and shorter refueling times. Their environmental balance is also positive: Hydrogen is converted to water vapor and electricity when reacting with oxygen. At present, the industry is working to automate the production of fuel cells, thereby increasing production efficiency.

At the beginning of this year, ALTRATEC was able to acquire a first project in this area. The two conveyor systems for the partial automation of an assembly station in the fuel cell production of a large OEM in northern Germany were delivered in June 2019. The system consists of accumulating roller chain conveyors, lift systems and wide belt conveyors. Thus, ALTRATEC makes an important contribution to advance the testing and further development of fuel cell technology.

Further projects in this area are already being planned.

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