Sneak a peek – design team works on innovative development

Sneak a peek – design team works on innovative development

Michael Fritzsche

Individualized and flexible products and the ability to immediately respond to demanding customer requests – that is our claim at ALTRATEC.

In order to continue to meet the growing demands of the industry, our design team is currently working on an innovative further development of a well-established transfer system. Design engineer Michael Fritzsche is at the forefront of this project. However, he does not want to reveal too much yet: “The expansion of the product portfolio plays a key role at ALTRATEC. The system we are working on takes it to the next level and opens up completely new areas of application. We’ll be able to tell you more at the end of this year.”

The goal of the “new” system is to provide a complex chaining solution that enables customization and expansion for systems that are already in operation for many years, without the need to completely replace them. Our system will be available in the first quarter of 2020.

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