Altratec Inspection and Maintenance Services

With its own team of skilled installation and service engineers, supplemented by an international network of professional service partners, ALTRATEC Automation GmbH offers the full complement of support services needed to ensure minimum downtime and the maximum reliable operating lifespan of our client’s conveyor systems.

Our engineers and service partners are all experienced technicians, thoroughly trained on our ALTRATEC conveyor systems and fully equipped to carry out the tasks required to deliver a high-quality service.

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Planned inspection and maintenance

Preventative maintenance services are designed to identify and rectify potential failures in the equipment before they occur and cause complete breakdowns. The maintenance interval depends upon the size, complexity and intensity of use of the conveyor system. At each visit the engineer(s) thoroughly inspect the conveyor equipment to check for correct operation, making minor adjustments to such items as the chain tension, drive unit settings, lubrication, pneumatics etc. as may be necessary. A detailed report is then submitted to the client in which any signs of wear or damage are highlighted and remedial actions with timescales are recommended.

Repair service / spare parts

Should a client’s conveyor system become damaged or break down for whatever reason ALTRATEC will respond urgently to a request for assistance. Our aim will always be to fix the problem and get the conveyor system up and running again at the earliest practical opportunity. In the event of a component defect of ALTRATEC standard components, the required spare parts for repair can be quickly made available because of our extensive warehouse. Customer-specific components may have longer delivery times. For this reason, we recommend our customers to keep critical spare and wear parts in stock by themselves in order to minimize downtimes caused by a defect.

Condition surveys and refurbishments

The reliable operating lifespan of a conveyor system can often be extended by refurbishing it. However, prior to undertaking any refurbishment works it is a good idea to define the scope of the refurbishment works required to restore the conveyor system to good working order. ALTRATEC offers a complete condition survey service in which the conveyor system in question and all of its components are examined in fine detail to establish whether they are still serviceable or whether they need to be replaced. A report is then prepared in which the scope and the program of refurbishment works are proposed along with a schedule of costs.

Conveyor extensions / modernizations / retrofit

Our conveyor systems are capable of being extended or modified in order to adapt to the changing requirements of the end-users operations. Modernization of the conveyor system can take place both from a mechanical and a control point of view, or a combination of both. Our engineers will be pleased to give advice about how a particular conveyor system might be re-configured or expanded to accommodate operational developments.

This service is not only available for ALTRATEC conveyors, but also for conveyor systems of other providers.

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