Machine frames / protective enclosures


We design and manufacture protective enclosures and frames for industrial production lines, custom-tailored in terms of dimensions and materials depending on technical requirements or customer specifications. To this end, we use elements of our ALTRATEC aluminium profile modular system or structural steel elements.

The protective systems encompass passive and active safety elements such as pendulum flaps, pressure sensitive mats, light barriers, a wide variety of doors with safety interlocking or confirmation prompt which are designed to satisfy customer specifications, secured ladders, position locking of moving parts for maintenance work (e.g. on column lifts), etc.



Product specifications

  • Protective enclosures with Makrolon filling, woven wire mesh, various sheet steel, etc.
  • Load bearing structures based on technical requirements or customer specifications, even ALTRATEC aluminium profile sections

Sturdy base for safety of personnel and machine